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Fundraising Ideas to Help Pay Expensive Vet Bills – Ideas for a Fundraiser for Vet Bill Assistance for a Dog’s Surgery

February 27, 2010 By: admin Category: All Sick Dog Blog Posts, Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, Financial Assistance for Vet Bills, Fundraiser Ideas to Pay for Expensive Vet Bills, Fundraising Ideas for Pets and Animal Shelters, Pet Ownership, Veterinarians and Veterinary Clinics, Veterinary Care

Get Fundraising Ideas to Generate Financial Assistance for Vet Bills for a Dog's Surgery or Other Veterinary Care. Also Learn About Vet Bill Assistance Programs and VPI Pet Insurance. (Mitchell Powell Photo)

One of The Sick Dog Blog’s followers on Twitter recently tweeted about Daisy, an 8-year-old Border Collie who’s in need of surgery to remove three tumors.  Like so many pet owners, Daisy’s parent’s can’t afford to pay for her life-saving surgery, so they’re seeking donations to help.

Unfortunately, Daisy’s family isn’t alone – there are many pet owners who are seeking financial assistance for veterinary bills. Another option? A fundraiser!

Fundraising Ideas for Pets – Ideas for a Fundraiser to Help Pay for Expensive Vet Bills or a Dog’s Surgery

As mentioned below, many people will not be eligible for a vet bill assistance program or credit; but these pet owners should not give up hope. With Daisy in mind, I’ve written an article on fundraising ideas for a pet’s surgery or expensive vet bills. It’s titled Fundraising Ideas for Vet Bill Assistance – Fundraiser Idea to Get Money for an Expensive Surgery for a Dog, Cat or Other Pet

These ideas for fundraisers for pets in need of surgery or life-saving veterinary care can be performed by just about anyone – it’s as simple as making homemade dog treats and selling the pet treats or other homemade pet accessories at night after work and/or on weekends. These fundraising ideas can also be used to generate donations for an animal welfare organization, an animal shelter, a feral cat rescue group or similar.

Another idea that’s not mentioned in the article involves an online fundraiser to generate vet bill assistance. A pet owner can create a blog or website about the dog and his/her situation. Place a “Chip In” fundraiser donation button on the blog or website or create a PayPal account and post a “Donate” button. Then, start tweeting, emailing and spreading the word to family, friends, co-workers, online friends, pet lovers and anyone else who will listen!

Paying for Expensive Vet Bills – Financial Assistance for Vet Bills and Credit for Veterinary Services

There are a few organizations that offer financial assistance for vet bills; there is also Care Credit, which provides lines of credit for veterinary services like emergency surgery. But unfortunately, not everyone is eligible for a line of credit to pay for vet bills and not everyone qualifies for the few vet bill assistance programs that exist. This leaves many pet owners facing a heart-breaking situation: they must euthanize their beloved pet or watch the animal die from a very treatable injury or illness.

After reading about Daisy, I thought it would be a good idea to share a few articles I’ve written about veterinary bill assistance programs and other options to pay for emergency vet bills or expensive surgery for a dog, cat or other pet. It’s my hope that these articles will lead a desperate pet owner to the vet bill assistance that he/she so desperately needs to save his/her pet’s life:

It’s also important to note that many large animal hospitals, like Angell Animal Medical Center in Boston, offer financial assistance to pet owners who cannot afford a pet’s surgery or other veterinary care. The Angell Animal Medical Center’s program is for pets with a good prognosis for recovery. Financial assistance for vet bills is on a sliding scale, dependent upon the pet owner’s specific financial situation. Many large animal hospitals have similar vet bill assistance programs, so it’s definitely worthwhile to make a few phone calls to large veterinary hospitals in your area.

The Benefits of Pet Health Insurance Coverage; VPI Pet Insurance Policies

In addition, pet owners may also want to learn more about pet insurance. If a pet is already injured or sick, pet insurance won’t be helpful this time around, but it’s something to consider for the future as a sort of preventative measure. Pet insurance is a good investment that can literally mean the difference between life and death for a dog, cat, bird, horse or exotic.

To learn more about pet insurance, read:

It’s important to note that VPI pet insurance and virtually all other pet insurance companies will not cover the entire cost of a pet’s surgery, procedure or other veterinary care. But pet insurance coverage can place a very expensive pet surgery or veterinary procedure within reach. In short, pet insurance can literally save a pet’s life. In the 10 years that I’ve had pet insurance coverage for my pets, I’ve received more than 7 times the amount of money that was invested in the policies. So in my experience, pet insurance is definitely worthwhile.

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