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Topic: Dog Bladder Infections
Posts: 8
Dog Bladder Infections
on: April 18, 2010, 21:26

My3Pets asked:

I have a little terrier mix that had disc surgery the 1st of February. Since then she has had bloody stools which took 10 days to clear up and lots of meds. Now she has a bladder infection. I feel so bad for everything she has and is going through. I also have another terrier mix (male) they are not related, that has had a recent bladder infection. We also have a new addition that came with many health issues including giardia. Could all this be related. The terriers were healthy before. Any comments/suggestions?

Posts: 8
Re: Dog Bladder Infections
on: April 18, 2010, 21:38

Hi My3Pets.

I’m sorry to hear your dogs are unwell.

It’s not uncommon for a dog to get sick following a surgery. It’s a traumatic experience on the body, and the body’s resources are focused on healing from the surgery. So opportunistic infection is very common during this time since the dog’s immune system isn’t as robust as it is normally. Basically, opportunistic infection (like the dog’s bladder infection) will move in while the immune system is having a moment of weakness.

In terms of the other dogs…

It’s possible that a bacterial infection was to blame for the bladder infections; in theory, bacteria can spread among dogs who are living in close quarters. So that’s one possibility. Sometimes, it’s just coincidence.

I’m a bit suspicious about the role of Giardia. Giardia is very contagious. So I would ensure that everyone is negative for this. It’s possible that all of the dogs have giardia; this would make everyone more susceptible to opportunistic infections (like bladder infections.) Generally, when it comes to parasites and microorganisms, you should treat the entire household simultaneously. Otherwise, you end up with a situation where Dog A gives Giardia to Dog B. You treat Dog A, because Dog B isn’t symptomatic yet. Then, symptoms arise in Dog B, so you treat him. But Dog B already passed it back to Dog A and to Dog C. In short, you end up with a situation where they’re passing it back and forth and re-infecting each other.

I should also note that psychological stress can play a large role. If one dog in a closely bonded pair gets sick, the dog’s friend is apt to experience a lot of psychological stress due to the other dog’s illness. This is especially true in cases where hospitalizations and surgeries occur. Psychological stress weakens the immune system, so the healthy dogs can get sick with opportunistic infections due to the stress that they’re experiencing as a result of their sick friend.

I hope your dogs are feeling better soon!

-Mia Carter

Owner, The Sick Dog Blog

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