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Topic: Help for Giving Pills to a Dog Who Bites and Struggles
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Help for Giving Pills to a Dog Who Bites and Struggles
on: January 3, 2010, 20:51

I received this question on my article on tricks for giving pills to a dog:

Gus, my 7-year old Maltese, had surgery on Thursday to remove a foreign

object from his small intestines (still not sure what it was – possibly a sock). I brought him home from the hospital today with 5 different medications for him to take over the next 10 days (pill form). Problem is that he is very aggressive when you try to force him to do something he does not want to do, such as take a pill. I have tried everything and he either spits it out

or won’t touch it. My husband even put on welding gloves and tried to hold his mouth open but Gus became very agitated so we stopped. He has several stitches in his belly and we were afraid the incision would open.

Not sure what to do. I know he must have his medication, especially the antibiotics. The only thing I haven’t tried is the hot dogs and I will try that tomorrow. Any other suggestions?

Thanks for your question, Sheryl!

I’m sorry to hear that Gus is unwell. That’s great, though, that he had a successful operation! All sorts of complications can occur when a dog swallows a foreign body, so that’s wonderful to hear that his surgery went well and he’s on his way to recovery!

Indeed, things can get complicated when the dog has suffered a recent trauma or surgery. (Though let me assure you that while stitches can be pulled out, it does take quite a bit of force. And even if that does occur, your dog’s intestines will not come spilling out. There are several layers of stitches at different depths)

In terms of getting him to take pills, you have a few options. Ideally, we want him to take his pills voluntarily. So if cream cheese, peanut butter and hot dogs don’t work, I would try to place pills in any other “people food” that he really enjoys – cheese, cold cuts, and anything else that he enjoys!

I’ve written an article on toxic foods for dogs – you’ll want to check this to ensure that you’re not giving him a toxic food!

If that doesn’t work, there are a few other methods. I’ve written a couple additional articles on The Sick Dog Blog (just for you!) to discuss these options:

How to Give a Pill to a Dog Who Struggles:

How to Give Pet Medication to a Dog Who Bites:

I hope Gus is feeling better soon! Let me know how it goes or if you have additional question! ;-)

-Mia Carter

Owner, The Sick Dog Blog

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